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Financial training and education

Argon Pro offers high-quality, practical, interactive, and cost-effective financial training for both financial professionals and non-professionals who need at least an understanding and control of the basics of finance in their daily tasks.


Training sessions can be implemented with ready-made training packages, or by tailoring a training package suitable for the entire organization, or a smaller group.

You can never have too much financial training and education…


Experience has shown that there is never too much financial training and education. And even though the basic education in finance has already been acquired, it is worth practicing and deepening the knowledge.

Experience has also shown that, unfortunately, and for some reason, quite many people do not dare to "admit" shortcomings in their financial skills. Competence gaps, or outdated competence occur in company boards, management teams, as well as at all other levels of the organizations. As an example, quite a many people do not understand at all the difference between the result of the income statement and the cash flow. Deficiencies in basic skills are a significant risk for the entire business!

Argon Pro "Quick and short" examples on the home page can work as an inspiration for the Argon Pro training and education. Training sessions can also be completely customized according to the customer's wishes.

Argon Pro also organizes traditional general training sessions, the most requested of which have been:

  • Taloustaitoja esimieheille ja asiantuntijoille

  • Tulosmittareista kassavirran mallintamiseen

In case needed, Argon Pro will implement general training sessions with only one participant. This means that a training session will not be canceled even with one participant. The training can be carried out at the customer's premises, via the internet, or with a hybrid model. Due to lack of resources, at the moment training sessions are implemented only in Finnish. 




Argon Pro's main trainer is Timo Nurminiemi, an economist with a master's degree in economics. Timo's CV and extensive experience as a trainer can be found here.


Past trainings

  • Tulosmittareista kassavirran mallintamiseen
    Tulosmittareista kassavirran mallintamiseen
    ti 17. marrask.
    17. marrask. 2020 klo 0.00 – 18. marrask. 2020 klo 0.00
    17. marrask. 2020 klo 0.00 – 18. marrask. 2020 klo 0.00
    Tulosmittareista kassavirran mallintamiseen -koulutuksessa lähestytään talouden mittareita, raportointia, analysointia ja liiketoiminnan mallintamista käytännön esimerkkien ja harjoitusten avulla
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