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Are you looking for an expert and reliable partner who will help Your company in various financial matters and situations?

Argon Pro is a reliable partner that combines financial expertise, consulting, and training. Let us help You succeed and achieve your goals.


FINANCE. We know that well-functioning finance processes are the basis for a well-functioning business. Whether it's about finance processes, financial analyses, training, or, for example, M&A projects, Argon Pro can help. Argon Pro always has a strong finance perspective in everything it does. We know that only well-managed finances guarantee your company's success and profitable growth.

CONSULTING. We consult, advise, and analyse various matters and situations related to finance and business operations. We are ready to develop and implement, apply for funding, or propose other strategic decisions. We design the best solutions for our customers and help with their implementation.

TRAINING. We also offer training services for different areas of finance. Our training courses are interactive, practical and, if necessary, tailored to the customer's needs. Whether You are a beginner, a novice in knowledge and skills, or an experienced professional, we offer you training that meets your needs and helps you and your company succeed.

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Argon Pro publications

Argon Pro publishes news, examples, information bulletins and presentations on various topics of interest in finance and business life. Below you will find Argon Pro "Quick and Short" presentations, which are short presentations related to the above topics. You can get to know them more closely, for example, in Argon Pro's trainings sessions and projects.

"Quick and Short"

More in-depth and comprehensive analysis, comparison, etc. reports and documents can be found in the Analysis and data section. There, Argon Pro publishes e.g., public company and business analyses, valuations, and benchmarking reports. There you can also find a remarkably comprehensive analysis example, mainly built for training and educational purposes. It's worth getting to know!

You can also order, for example, your own analyses, valuations and benchmark analysis of, for example, Your own company, competitors, or Your own industry.

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