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Financial management. Training. Consulting.

Finance, consulting and training - Three cornerstones of Argon Pro's operations

ECONOMY - Everything we do is related to the economy in one way or another. Whether it's about processes, training, or systems, we always bring an economic perspective to things and doing things.

CONSULTING -We advise, consult, or simply do and implement things for the customer. Consulting can be related to, for example, business modeling, applying for financing, budgeting or rolling forecasting processes, or company value management. We are also interested in CFO services.

TRAINING Experience has shown that there is never too much financial education. And even though the basic training has already been acquired, it is worth repeating things and deepening the know-how. Experience has also shown that unfortunately many people do not dare to "admit" their financial skills.


We offer financial training for finance professionals or those non-professionals who still need to have the basics of finance under control.


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