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Finance. Consulting. Training.

Finance, Consulting and Training - Three cornerstones of Argon Pro

FINANCE - Everything we do is (one way or another) related to finance. Whether it’s about processes, training, or IT systems, we always take finance view into account.

CONSULTING - We advise, consult, or simply just implement things for our customers. Consulting services can be associated with e.g. business modeling, applying funding, budgeting or rolling forecasting processes, or implementing value management processes. Outsourced CFO services are also of interest to us.

TRAINING Experience has shown that there’s never too much financial education. And even if the initial training has already been acquired, there should always be room for repetition. Experience has also shown that quite many people are afraid to “confess” any gaps in his/her skills in finance.


We provide finance training for finance professionals, or for those who should be on top of the basics in finance.

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