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Business modeling, analysis, and valuations

To support financial and operational decision-making, Argon Pro produces business analysis, valuations, benchmarking analyses and other financial material.


The main part of the work is carried out with the help of business modeling and cash flow and value driver analyses, using Argon Pro's own tools.

Cash flow-based business modeling provides a particularly useful tool for analyzing a company, or its business. Business modeling can also be used in many other situations that require financial analysis.


Business modeling can be related, for example, to profitability analysis of operational activities, or investments, as well as valuations of companies or businesses. You can read more about the possibilities of business modeling in the section Value Based Management.

Business modeling and analysis is a useful tool, e.g., in the following situations:

Cash flow analyses

Investments and divestments processes

Risk reviews and analyses

Strategy Audits

M&A processes

Strategy planning

Capital structure and cost of capital (WACC) analyzes and determinations

Argon Pro's own tools

For business modeling, analyses, valuations and other assignments, Argon Pro has developed its own tools that facilitate and speed up the work and bring "new dimensions" to the results.

Argon Pro has developed its own tools for, for example:

  • business modeling,

  • forecasting,

  • analysis,

  • determining the optimal capital structure (WACC),

  • reporting and consolidations, and

  • "Quick and Dirty" valuation


In the accompanying slide show, the tools are presented in more detail.

Argon Pro tools for modeling, analysis, and valuations

Download file in pdf format

Valu8 database

In the assignments and analyses, Argon Pro also uses, for example, the Valu8 database. The Valu8 database combines a large amount of data, including all Nordic companies. The database contains basic company information, e.g., in the form of financial statements.

In addition to this, the database contains owner information, information on business arrangements, industry-specific comparison information, decision-maker information and much more... Technically, Valu8 uses e.g., artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“Valu8 company intelligence is the leading European platform for accelerating Private Equity and M&A deal origination. Screen and explore private companies, from aggregated sector analysis down to detailed individual company data.”


If necessary, Argon Pro also sells information and analysis of the Valu8 database either as part of the assignment, or as such.

Some of the content and possibilities of the database are described below in a short (demo) video in Finnish. Video is probably also useful for non-Finnish speakers. The Valu8 tool is also described in the pdf presentation above. Valu8's official website can be found hereA more extensive, English-language introduction video of the Valu8 database can be seen here

Valu8 database presentation video (demo) in Finnish