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Financial Data

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services

Argon Pro enables high-quality, flexible, and cost-effective outsourced CFO services, especially for growth and SME companies. The content of assignments can be agreed flexibly, and those can be implemented, for example, with hourly, or daily invoicing (for example, one hour per week, one day per month, etc.).

Outsourced CFO service is especially useful for growth and SME companies, because very often they cannot afford an experienced, fulltime CFO. Also, in small organizations, there is often not enough work available for a full-time and experienced CFO.

CFO services may include e.g. the following topics:

Entrepreneur and management sparring, advice and business development

Different development projects that can be agreed on separately

Normal operational day-to-day finance and CFO activities

Acting as Interim CFO while searching for a new CFO

Argon Pro's CFO services and the benefits and opportunities it brings have been opened in more detail in the attached pdf document.

Argon Pro Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services (to be translated)

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