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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Various business transactions are an integral part of today's business life, and they usually have significant financial effects. The risk levels in terms of the success of a business transaction are normally also reasonably high, and for that reason You must be carefully prepared for those.

A business transaction can be e.g., sale/purchase of a company shares, or a business, fusion of companies, or businesses, merger, etc.

Whether it's about buying, selling, or any other kind of transaction, Argon Pro can help in various stages. Every business transaction is different, but there are quite a lot of different stages and processes where Argon Pro can help.

Steps related to business transactions can include e.g., forecasting, business modeling, analysis, and valuations (e.g., sales material related to finances), participation in negotiations, carrying out, or participating in business research (Due Diligence, DD) process, preparing documentation related to the transaction, communicating with buyers/sellers, auditors, financiers, etc.

The transaction does not end with the conclusion (closing) of the contract.

It is also important to note that the transaction does not usually end with the closing/signing of the contract. Quite often the main part only starts there. After the actual transaction i.e., closing the deal, the integration, and other phases, for example, related to the acquisition of the purchased company, or business, begin. Accordingly, the seller must implement the separation of the sold unit from the current organization. The takeover, integration, implementation of possible synergies, etc. materializes the success of the transaction.

The "publicity level" of the assignment and Argon Pro's role in the assignment are always agreed separately with the client.

Current public assignments in which Argon Pro is involved are described below.

Argon Pro's current (public) assignments

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