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Timo Nurminiemi

Economics, M.Sc

Accounting, Tax law, Government professional

Timo has 30 years of extensive experience in finance, financial management, and other administration in international corporations in the private sector, as well as in the public sector. In addition to financial administration routines and managerial duties, Timo has participated in several business reorganizations, stock exchange listings, investment projects, and various restructurings during his career. In his current position, Timo works as an entrepreneur, financial management consultant, and trainer.


Timo Nurminiemi

Timo's significant achievements include participation in:

  • Neste Group's stock exchange listing

  • For the planning, establishment, and stock exchange listing of the Fortum group

  • For SRV Companies' IPO preparations

  • A significant role in the incorporation of the Technology Research Center VTT (went through the biggest change in its history by changing from a state agency to a limited company)

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