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Argon Pro offers finance-related services, especially for growth and SME (Small and Medium size Enterprises) companies. Services are particularly focused on areas that are unfortunately often left undeveloped by these companies, mainly due to the lack of resources, either partially or completely.


The most common reasons for this are lack of time, competence, money and/or human resources. On the other hand, low or non-existent resources and investments in these areas may endanger the future of the entire company.

On a project basis, Argon Pro can also help in various acute situations - quickly!

Advisory Services

Argon Pro produces cost-effective and value-added advisory services, especially for growth and SME companies. Services can be related to a certain acute and/or important issue, or general development work.

As individuals, we can also act as members of the company's board.


Management Consulting

Argon Pro interprets, analyzes, and refines the financial data of growth and SME companies with the aim of creating efficient and agile operational models, as well as processes and metrics that support the business and its financial success.

We also help with various individual projects.


Business Modeling, Analysis, and Valuations

To support financial and operational decision-making, Argon Pro produces business analysis, valuations, benchmarking analyses and other financial material.


The main part of the work is carried out with the help of business modeling and cash flow and value driver analyses, using Argon Pro's own tools.


Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services

Argon Pro enables high-quality, flexible, and cost-effective outsourced CFO services, especially for growth and SME companies. The content of assignments can be agreed flexibly, and those can be implemented, for example, with hourly, or daily invoicing (for example, one hour per week, one day per month, etc.).


Value Based Management

Value Based Management (VBM) of the company, or business is the common denominator for all Argon Pro services. VBM is also a key part of Argon Pro's services for growth and SME companies.

Value Based Management combines the organization's reporting, management and decision-making with business modeling and the key value drivers that have the most impact on its cash flow (Key Value Driver) and monetarized value.


Technically Value Based Management mindset focuses especially on business modeling and the Key Value Drivers discovered through business modeling.


Financial Training and Education

Argon Pro offers high-quality, practical, interactive, and cost-effective financial training for both financial professionals and non-professionals who need at least an understanding and control of the basics of finance in their daily tasks.


Training sessions can be implemented with ready-made training packages, or by tailoring a training package suitable for the entire organization, or a smaller group.

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